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Backwards thoughts; Forward thinking

6 Sep

heart in a bubble
Be the other one.
The bigger one.
The bolder one. The braver one. You’ve come this far.
The one that calls back, asks on dates, makes the choice, that finishes the milk, that uses the hot water up and that takes the blame.

Be the captain, cook dinner from a microwave box.
Do whatever you want – you can you know, you don’t have to tell everyone that they are ‘looking well’.
Have the last chocolate – the one everyone wanted. Even if its licorice or strawberry cream or out of date…EAT IT.
Draw a moustache on your face for work tomorrow – be the one that taps your pen at meetings. Hurry up. Say sorry. Be the world changes we need, be the closet arranger, the piss-taker, the start over in another country, the ‘fall asleep on the tube till the last stop’.
Refuse to fake tan, don’t wear fluro. Just don’t wear it.
Be the investigator. Pay the bill, accept the predictable, learn an instrument – even if its just the recorder… or £3 harmonica.
Snore. Wear boxers, shower in cold water, change your mind whenever you like.
Don’t dress up at a fancy dress party. Say “Shut-up!” and DO expect it back.
Eat sugar sandwiches and cupcakes and drink someone else’s coffee. It tastes better.

Never say never. “Yes your ass looks fucking huge in that.”
…Sorry about earlier; I was a bit brash. Don’t save cash. Take your top off at the beach. Leave it on in the pubs. Have three. Stay out till dawn.
Say ‘hate’ if you want too. Don’t say ‘random’ (…work on it). Crunch ice.
Own up to having a crush. Its all irrelevant. Say it out loud, search for something more and don’t be afraid to take two steps back. It is in fact two steps closer to where you’re going. Wherever that is.
Change the rules as you go along, draw outside of the lines. Guides get you nowhere. Use ideas, don’t be afraid. Wake up early; there’s decisions to be made.

(Streaming thoughts, ideas and dreams. Thankyou.)


A typeface to remember

20 Dec

The letters continue to fall
like quiet rain along my way.

The letters of all that lives
and dies,
our letters of the light,
of moon,
of silence,
of water,

I love you,
and in your mysterious face
I gather thought.
not only careful consideration or combat,
but an immaculate form,
your adorn,
senses start to fade away.

every sound in this letterset playground we once called home.
Still surrounded with the colour of a dream I once had.


Image courtesy of [the pretty, new] Compfight with user Lord Jim.

The Power of Music

11 Jun

Music has its own exceptional magic attached to it. It can make you want to dance, sing, smile or even cry. It relaxes and comforts many, and some say it has the ability to even soothe the most savage beast.

It has this amazing ability of touching people beyond mere words.

So as I sit here and listen to several John Mayer albums on repeat, somehow a Huey Lewis song, ‘The Power of Love’ has randomly been included into my playlist.

Every time I hear this song it takes me back 10 years, holding a never failing smile to my face, many nostalgic thoughts of roller-skating and bright white skates are drawn together with pink laces and the dim lights of the roller-skating rink. We would skate for hours, falling and laughing in timeless turns, everything enriched by that very song.

It’s amazing how songs can elicit memories, smells, images and thoughts.

Simple notes, keys and tones have so much expression and power to touch even the most distant thoughts.

I guess it is a fact of observation that music and songs vary to a considerable degree in what music can mean to people, and in what they get out of it.

But all in all, music has the power to communicate to the soul in ways that words alone can not.

A Little More Sleep Would Be Nice.

1 Jun

I’ve been sleeping intermittently of late, in fact each night I have been sleeping less, and thinking a little more.

The sheets feel ruffled and twisted around me, the clock is buzzing with sound, while the sleep light from my imac flashes compulsively in 5 second intervals, breathing ever so lightly as it fades and refreshes.

I form shapes, patterns and faces in the overcast shadows on the ceiling.

As I count each second by, ideas, thoughts and inspiration float through my mind.


What keeps me awake?


Dreams of yesterday, things I could-have…should-have done and what I will do.

The thoughts of tomorrow and dreams of around the corner beg to be answered. How can I sleep when so much is going on, things still move, my ideas are alive tonight and so much is to be done.


As I sigh, the light from outside flickers through my blinds, breaking into the dark shadows and flooding the corners of my room with grey.


It’s time to get some sleep.