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8 things meme

14 May

So I was tagged , in a meme, not too long ago that has inevitably been circulating the web for a little while now. All thanks to David Gillespie for the tag and here are a few little facts about me that are not so much common knowledge…

My 8 for ’08


1. I am related to the Australian artist Arthur Boyd. (A few generations or so back on my fathers side of the family).

 Arthur Boyd, Wheatfield, 1948


2. I lived in Italy as a child for 6 months and spoke fluent Italian (as well as children do…) – suffice to say I cannot for the life of me string a sentence together now in Italian…


3. I LOVE to cook. I find it fun and exciting and can make anything from fresh pasta and Pestos to roast dinners and pizza doughs. I feel like cooking is a creative outlet and the more I learn, the more I love it!


4. When I was in grade 3 at primary school, a friend and I had this obsession with picking flowers and selling them to people in the streets (anything for a quick buck and in the general scheme of innocent sabotage).

We would walk the streets pre-prepared with scissors and tissue paper and a ream of ribbon – picking flowers from gardens and selling to neighbors. Entirely innocent of course…One time we were caught red handed – the owner of the house was infuriated and we ran like crazy. She proceeded to jump into her khaki 1957 datsun, and roar down the street in furious rage – chasing us. I am still to this day AMAZED at how fast and far two 3rd graders could run in the space of 2minutes. All flowers were returned to rightful owners. We staggered home quietly in an orderly line…without the shackles we so deserved.


5. I am left handed.


6. I have a soft spot for art and beautiful creativity. I can’t pin point it exactly but when I seen an amazing piece my heart lifts to the sky and I feel immediately inspired. Its something I feel closely related too and it really hits home when I see something special…


7. Through my life I have lived in over 16 houses from Canberra to Albury/Wodonga to all over Melbourne. After staying anywhere longer than 1 year, the next move for some reason is always anticipated…


8. I found out a year ago that I actually have an older half-sister in Sydney called Belinda, whom I am yet to meet.


So I am not going to tag 8 people, as I don’t think 8 people will respond…but these are the people most likely to respond…Amelia, Sharon, Clary, Zoe …and of course, anyone else out there who hasn’t already done it.