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When they play music, not the instrument

3 Sep

Once in a while, I hear a song that just takes me away. I could lie in bed and stare at the ceiling and drift out of my life. The surrounds blur to a distant mystery.

Someplace where the leaves change colour and where the night shines brilliantly, reflecting in snow and moonlight.
Somehow minutes feel like hours and I could be there for a softly spoken eternity.
That’s where the melody takes me, I always wonder if i’m alone in it or if someone, somewhere, shares the same reverie with me.

The land of melody

Are you hearing what I’m hearing?

19 Aug

Writing is a talent or so they say. – But not just any old writing.

I have loaded up my iPod with four Springsteen albums that have gotten some serious continual airtime.

Music, and music writing, is like breathing to some. Music allows people to find peace when stomachs are churning and emotions are lost. It pulls everything out of your head and folds it all back into place with a disconnected understanding, a little nurture and some storytelling to follow.

I remember ‘back in the day’ when we would find two or three bands and just go through the lyrics and music over and OVER until I had each beat, word, melody memorised in my heads. Because naturally, I thought it was truly beautiful.

Now listening to the story artists tell, I don’t ever seem to want to stop searching for music that has the ability to make my jaw drop and press replay just a few more times.

The way an artist writes their lyrics is an amazing talent, when an artist tells a story, it is something else altogether. Of course I am not talking about Britney Spears and her masquerade of reverberations or what have you.

You cannot channel emotion with that.

But the true artists that write, sing and sweat through every ounce of their own soulful artistry.

Listening to artists from the past, its interesting to see where influences are from and how much music itself has evolved and how much more music can change.

What makes Springsteen unique when it comes to music is the story and life behind his lyrics. This isn’t just some 70’s era flowery string laden sound – it’s the real world with bumps and bruises as well as the power of love and experience to back it up, integrated into a song that keeps me wanting to hear more.

digital killed the radio star…

16 Aug
on air or online?

On air or online?

I have been paying a lot of attention to music the past few weeks …more actually about the source of music and what I want to hear.

My shiny, tiny ipod touch has been integrated nicely into my hectic lifestyle, with the music I want to hear selected by a touch and played when I want to hear it. No advertisements, no irritating generic house music or fluffed out promo segments. Everything I want and need, without the excessive add-ons of radio.

It’s this kind of refinement in everyday life now that has people expecting and asking for more, and I’m afraid radio, well just isn’t cutting it in the real world.

Bigger, better things are moving on in and shipping you out of my speakers… thank you very much.

Thats right I’m talking ’bout Last.fm.

The very first time I tried last.fm I thought wow, radio is actually dead.
No longer will we have to listen to what commercial networks, funded by major labels, decide is in our taste. Instead I can just simply log on to Last.fm, type in the names of some of my favourite artists and my lovely internet radio station can suggest similar music to try out. Better still, the system can learn from our picks and refine our playlists on the fly depending on how I rate or skip music.

Any system that relies on user recommendation and interaction rather than the dull drip-feed of traditional broadcasting and the simulation of repetitive ads, has to be an advantage.

Last.fm now has deals in several major labels, which will expand its catalogue significantly. Im hoping, despite these arrangements, Last.fm listeners will still be fed new tracks based on preference and taste – not on the bias of any commercial arrangement. Otherwise we might as well turn the radio back on.

While your in the mood for Digital Radio… check out ‘Creative is Not A Department’ for an insight that actually inspired my thought on this one.

The Power of Music

11 Jun

Music has its own exceptional magic attached to it. It can make you want to dance, sing, smile or even cry. It relaxes and comforts many, and some say it has the ability to even soothe the most savage beast.

It has this amazing ability of touching people beyond mere words.

So as I sit here and listen to several John Mayer albums on repeat, somehow a Huey Lewis song, ‘The Power of Love’ has randomly been included into my playlist.

Every time I hear this song it takes me back 10 years, holding a never failing smile to my face, many nostalgic thoughts of roller-skating and bright white skates are drawn together with pink laces and the dim lights of the roller-skating rink. We would skate for hours, falling and laughing in timeless turns, everything enriched by that very song.

It’s amazing how songs can elicit memories, smells, images and thoughts.

Simple notes, keys and tones have so much expression and power to touch even the most distant thoughts.

I guess it is a fact of observation that music and songs vary to a considerable degree in what music can mean to people, and in what they get out of it.

But all in all, music has the power to communicate to the soul in ways that words alone can not.