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2010 feels different.

2 Jan

“You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.”

So its 2010. What a year ‘that’ was. I came a long way from who I was, to who I really am.
Self discovery. A year of travel, a year of love, a big year of breaking and a total year of self realisation.
I learnt what I really want in my life, what I like, don’t like and how to have a good time and take what I want without thinking of everyone else first for a change. That’s right, no more apologies for nothing.
There were mistakes made and decisions, if I could make again I would do differently. But I wouldn’t change them now.
Now I have learnt every lesson that has been so graciously hand delivered good or bad – Thank you kindly to those playing at home. …And they’ve truly contributed to who and what I want to be.

I don’t yet know what I want from this year ahead and yes, it kind of scares me a little for a change. For a big damn change. I actaully feel like I have woken up from a long sleep and the bed is icy cold.
Its time to get moving on with things, learning new lessons, techniques and styles of life to fit me. Not you. not him. Not them.
Im not quite the person I was last year and Im still trying to make that work for everything around me. Trying to get others to understand that this is me, is actually a little more difficult than it sounds.

I am designing again and it feels right. The work is real, no more thrilling than expected but Im determined to climb this wirey, long ladder and find whatever is at the top waiting for me. …And that ladies and gentlemen excites ‘ME’.

Soldier on. This is who I am and this year, wherever the hell it came from has a
theme. Fighting for what I want. Who I am and what I need.
I’ll get there anyway I see fit. There’s no turning back because here it is.

You just know now. You just do.

Written words and perfect pictures.

24 Nov


26 Sep

Sometimes the heart
Should follow the mind.

Sometimes the heart
Should tell the mind to
Stay at home and
Stop interfering.

…Just sometimes.

Into the unknown

21 Jan

To believe in an escape from the quotidian aspect of life is probably one of our greatest, deep-seated motivators.
Though we might love our friends, family and lives in general, our active minds constantly entertain a place, a future far removed from the familiar.

The escape plan can take many forms; a career breakthrough, a change of country or scenery …sometimes both or a loving relationship even.
The only way we can march to the beat of the humdrum, and chew the gristle of daily life is to believe that something more amazing, more defined, might just be around the corner.

Is it?

A typeface to remember

20 Dec

The letters continue to fall
like quiet rain along my way.

The letters of all that lives
and dies,
our letters of the light,
of moon,
of silence,
of water,

I love you,
and in your mysterious face
I gather thought.
not only careful consideration or combat,
but an immaculate form,
your adorn,
senses start to fade away.

every sound in this letterset playground we once called home.
Still surrounded with the colour of a dream I once had.


Image courtesy of [the pretty, new] Compfight with user Lord Jim.

Thoughts in your atmosphere

6 Nov

I’ve always been fascinated with graffiti, whether scrawled on hidden walls or carved into park benches. Anonymous conversations and arguments held in public spaces for the world to see. These raw and spontaneous scribblings have become a forum of all sorts, a collection of opinions about drugs, politics, sex, war, racism and of course a healthy dose of drunken poetry.

We are living in what some have called the golden age of self-expression. The explosion of user-created content on blogs and social networking sites has moved even Time magazine to name “You” their 2006 person of the year. Whatever that really means.

But while we may be spending a lot more time in virtual worlds, we have not lost the urge to make our physical world more meaningful. By leaving art and ideas in public places, you can affect someone’s day—change their mood or their mind—and maybe even change the world’s thoughts in the process.

Now there’s an idea.

Self expression as an artistic means, is full of exceptional processes, open thoughts and truths in the real world, not just any organized school art project or agreed upon political discussion. There’s no hiding or fearful musing about, only the impetuous truth and feelings of …whatever it is you want to talk about really.

Everyday I walk through dark yet contrastingly colourful city alleys, each gritty wall holds a narrative, a blank canvas for testimony.

What hides beneath the heart of life?

What hides beneath the heart of life?

In particular, I have noticed the heart-box.
Fixed to the wall alongside remains of old paint stains, political stickers and graffiti marks. The small and antique like box is wooden and weathered. Painted with a red heart, supporting a small skeleton keyhole. The final touch is tiny metal plate fitted to the bottom right corner that reads something along the line of ‘everything for love’.

Amid the usual clutter of a besmirched alley, is a humble act of love, beauty and art.
The heart-box is continually blanketed with black paint, graffiti and meaningless tags, but come Monday again, it’s mysteriously re-polished, re-painted and as good as new. Touching.


Henry David Thoreau, himself.

Which finally draws me to a perceptive point that Henry David Thoreau made:
“It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or carve a statue, and so make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look.  To affect the quality of the day – that is the highest of arts.”
– Henry David Thoreau

***Keep an eye out… Will post an image of the heart-box soon***

I Heart Apple Mac

28 May

The Life and love of an apple mac is sweet, yet undeniably shorter than desired. New, gleaming with pride and oozing appeal.


The stunning white package does all its supposed to and more. Giving unconditional support and deliberation through all projects, big and small.

Your relationship grows together. You share photos, designs and ideas with mac, it gives you lasting co-operation and super speed at the power of many light-hearted clicks. You learn to love all of mac’s, little quirks and unique personality traits; nothing else stands tall to mac.

Mac ultimately allows you a certain sensibility and a beautiful interface to life that is indefinably almost perfect.


However, the years go by, things eventually start to slow down.

The crashing becomes more frequent, the ‘freezing out’ is playing a serious toll on your relationship. You share fewer photos, less memories, because frankly, mac can’t handle it anymore. Everything is suddenly too complicated and takes too much time to sort out. You spend more time apart and don’t appreciate quality time together anymore.


Mac is not open to meeting new friends like your new ipod nano or your new wireless internet connection and shuts down every program to avoid communication.




Honestly, the new updates can only take you so far. …Sorry mac, its time to say goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great. You could never, ever look at another PC…but we’ve just changed.


It was good while it lasted. …Fun and full of nostalgia.

Mac has given meaning to your life, your career. You wouldn’t be here without mac.

You will always love mac. But it’s goodbye. It’s time to move on to bigger, better things. …Like that new macbook pro you’ve been dreaming about, eyeing off in that window over there.