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Digital vs Traditional (again)

21 Jul
There has been a lot of speculation lately and a lot of talk as to the argument of digital media overcoming traditional media. And yes I do think it is happening. Digital is a cut above the rest when it comes to communication and has high end capabilities that still are being uncovered as we speak. Yes that’s right folks, the possibilities are endless. Or something to that degree.
However (and there’s always a ‘however’), I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that many forerunners of twentieth century print media are now suggesting something slightly contrary to Web 2.0. The question is basically, ‘Is Google is making us stupid?’. (As written by Nicholas Carr)
Which made me think about this slightly in a traditional form. Least surprising and quite transparent are the pervasive effects of web browsing on our thought patterns. Point-and-click reading is sadly the preferred method of reading for many now, regardless of age.
So here’s a experiment for the point-and-clickers playing at home…
Read this blog, start to finish. No stops, no breaks, nothing to drink that you didn’t have when you started initially. No TV, or youtube, no opening tabs or flashy web banner distractions. Do not click on another link. Then when if you fail, having read only the first few lines without distraction, revel in the irony. Considering that you may have been once well-read, yet now cannot sit through a blog due to nefarious distractions and technically, it demands a little too much time.

But yes, I know, there are too many flashing, clickable things to go and see. A whole world of them in fact.

Guilty as charged (on occasion). If you want my attention now it better be good, right?

During many long sittings I will get up all too often for a drink, maybe some chocolate and of course a distraction by a desire to read something a little more thought provoking.

The flashed word is now virtually as good as the printed one. And sells better. Traditionally, the printed page tends to hearten a more disciplined reading practice than that of a web page. How many people can really sit and read an online document for more than 10 minutes?

But seemingly true as it is, I just can’t come to terms with the idea behind ‘Google making us stupid’.

The argument seems to be that “immediate access to such an incredibly rich store of information” united with the idea of common online communication, may cause it all to change, the way with think and how much we need to use our brain.

Our thought processes will always change. Concentration and focus on careful reading has always required effort and everyone is at their own level.

While we work to provide information, it’s important to realise it is not Google that makes us stupid. Insightful practices get lost in the hysterical pace of today’s world.

Google and Web 2.0 for that matter, work to help people to be more connected to each other, not just to the vast asset of information that’s accessible via the internet. Its our job to supply the exceptional questions and encourage reflection .To help make interpersonal connections that encourage conversation and challenge thinking.
But its Google that can help us to be smarter; “its not about searching, its about finding”.






To facebook or not to facebook?

18 Jun

So there’s this relatively new issue at my workplace that has been rising to a topic of concern over the last 6 months. Trust, facebook and the wonderful world of web 2.0.

Many sites like at many workplaces I’m sure are of course blocked. Ranging from youtube, myspace, hotmail and other nefarious means of web browsing I’m sure.

But, facebook is not blocked. So assumingly, it would be fine to use, visit occasionally and post a comment or two over lunch right?


The mere refresh of a facebook page is logged, tracked and frowned upon at that.
As a self-confessed and repeat offender to facebook, I find myself asking several questions.

What kind of censorship are they trying to create? For a site that pretty much most of their target population uses – they are restricting usage and preventing any contact to.

Brand X, shall we say, of all brands has a youthful audience that no doubt contains a large portion of their social scene around facebook and even myspace. In fact, this very Brand X actually has both a myspace page and several facebook pages. So why condemn and take such a narrow, dim view of this social media scene?
For a company that is trying to get a little more involved with its audience and a little more into an online social scene – where do they really want to go?

This I am still trying to grasp but a friend, who seems to have a large wealth of useful quotes and information, pointed out recently that…

“if you want to find out what sites your company should be getting involved in; go straight to your I.T department and take a look at all the ones that they are blocking…”

This poses an interesting question of how ‘in tune’ is your company with its clients and employees for that matter. And if these sites are restricted and ill-favoured, is that going to stop the majority of hardcore fans still accessing and using their facebook pages…move them onto something else? Or, more likely create a rebellion where we all still do it and no one really talks about it?

Well, I chose to take rebellion, until late last week when the marketing director called me into her office and politely said that “300 facebook hits over the last week was simply not acceptable and although we all access it – that is just to frequent”.

So…’we all access it’ still? Maybe I wasn’t so off on the concept of a popular rebellion. Or could she just agree on thought that yes, your company can be wrong and needs to take some new advice – from somewhere. I mean, just because a CEO doesn’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s not the right direction to take. …Right?

Disconnected Part II: The Saga Continues

3 Jun

OK. I am not an idiot. I do know how to use technology. I do own a computer, a phone, mobile and a facebook account. But I cannot for the life of me understand why my (and I say this lovingly of course…) stupid obtuse imac will not read a WLAN connection. I must be doing something wrong.

Ok so we got it to work…or something like that. I’m not sure if you would call taking 23.5 minutes to load the Google homepage working. I mean really, what’s to load!!!???

But as anticipated, it stopped working or loading or whatever the hell it was doing.
So as intelligent as it sounds and as the I.T team quite often suggests; I thought, hey, here’s a bight idea – a restart will fix everything. WRONG.

I now have 2-3 random wireless accounts on my WLAN options. None that connect – no network data and no patience to go through that again.

I just want an internet connection. Is that too much to ask?

***This just in. It appears that the modem connects to the internet in 2 second intervals.*** Now I am starting to feel like this is a lost cause. Or something like that.

If anyone would like to offer any help, ideas, free computers (hello to my lovely fans at Apple if your still with me…); feel free. Oh I take chocolate as well- all it helps.




* This now in.

It turns out my imac still has it afterall…for now anyway.
The internet is live and in action. (I can hear gasps and sighs from all directions…)
Although not the most user friendly internet and not the most functional, it is still live!
So special thanks are needed for a miraculous discovery!
Now, if you could fix the overall speed of the internet while you are at it?

disconnected…or reconnected?

30 Apr

It’s a funny place you find yourself in when you don’t have the luxury of the everyday world wide web. I mean, it’s not something you need to survive, yet when it’s taken away – things seem just that little bit more difficult –and not to mention that things seem to pile up in a matter of a snowball effect…

Being disconnected now for roughly 2 weeks has been having some interesting effects on my daily routine. I have been forced to break rules when the chance arrives, borrow connections and hack my way into the virtual world that we have become so compulsively addicted to. And not to mention being wreckless enough to get busted for a questionable subject matter…

I never realised how much of an impact the web has held over my current situation. Not only a means of networking, socialising, blogging and creating, but also as a means of learning and keeping in touch with the arbitrary facts, events and creations, that I love… Bringing light to new perspectives, expanding the mind and all that.
It’s small things like this that make life easier – more simplified. Yet logically I can’t help thinking that it’s these very things that make us remote, slothful and complicated to begin with.

Being disconnected thus far has brought me to so much disorder, yet I have spent more time drawing, more time chatting & eating out and more time thinking about the world outside the window (and no, not just because I am now forced to listen to AM radio in the mornings due to the FM switch being broken). Slightly refreshed, I treck back into the wonderful world of web 2.0 and here we go once more…