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A Better Project

6 Apr

The Better Project is something I stumbled across neatly whilst surfing my vast array of blog listings and links and clicks or what have you. But this is one neat little project worth another mention.

The Better Project harnesses a sort of  collaborative power of teh interwebs to help make anything better. Litterally anything.

It takes just a few minutes to set up your own project for instance, invite others and start sharing and discussing ideas around topics and interests you care about and want to see change towards. ..Such as coffee…Becuase I had a *nasty* one on the weekend.

But all bad coffees aside, thinking about the way this works though, it could become a good platform for companies and programs or  places to generate feedback and actually listen to the audience at home…or for something/someone new to fill a space where so much is collectively missing.

Anyway, enough babble… have a look.

The Better Project.

One girl’s thoughts

8 Nov

I want to leave traces of truth.
Traces of what it actually feels like.
Of What can be told today.

I apologize so often for myself. I catch myself so carefully, constructing my actions.
Keep the love steady, the acceptance strong. The understanding in place.

I want to give it up, start something new, fall out of line. Allow it to happen
by chance, by dream, by those thoughts youve never seen, by my own ideas unforseen.

We came from the past…

8 Nov

Tonight I was surrounded by friends that I love. We shared lyrics, heard thoughts and laughed
around candles and colours of maybe…around what ifs and wishes.
I soaked in the warm songs of a tribe.

I know happiness although its not perfect rightness, just a softening for understanding for the way life is going.

This has all happened before us, we came from the past from songs and fire and sideways glances.
We create it all over again,
untied and loose
we travel together
Making it to the next landing point, hands in fists, standing tall;
eyes wide open.

This secret is for you…

23 Sep

A small place to take it all
Your inside and out
Both mine and yours
It doesn’t matter, just get it out, imagine, fight, don’t steal, appropriate, borrow(a little). There’s no such thing as original, Wrong doesn’t exist, not anymore.

Play god,
big brother – little sister?
Dare yourself to bare yourself to yourself if no one else.

Don’t Impress, just try
Express yourself- lay it on the line
Show me yours I’ll show you mine.

Flickr at it’s best and it’s worst …at the same time.

28 Jun

I seriously adore Flickr. It’s a fantastic site and is streamed through other great photo search engines like Flickr Storm and Compfight that I use constantly end to end.
So as I was wandering aimlessly though several search engines, (my attention diverted and abstracted by the arbitrary associated with my inital ideas… again) I came across this little piece of work…

a slight flicker in Flickr?

Flickr have turned an ‘Oops’ into fun. Obviously the Flickr site was down, for a conciderable amount of time and just before listing a generic message…

“I’m Sorry your Flickr post is important to us, but currently out site is down and well, you’ll just have to wait till we get around to it.”

…Wait on, here’s an idea. Let’s keep them busy and they might still love us. Flickr had pushed the boundaries just that little but further with a creative foothold that had their audience brimming with lateral thought and frothing at the mouth in particiapation… or something like that.

When I see this kind of communication, it makes me smile. Takes me back just a couple of years when we were asked to identify ‘What is Graphic Design’. The varied output, concepts and realities were phenomenal and so inspiringly unique. Everyone wants to jump on board and share their 5 cents.

Fantastic soloution. …Fantastic marketing soloution.
Nice one Flickr for turning that negative into a positve. So much, that we forgot what was wrong in the first place.


Wear it on your sleeve?

21 May

We all have bad ideas, good ideas and silly ideas. I love silly ideas.

But I want to ask you – what gives the impression of a bad idea? What makes it right for anyone to point out that that idea was not good enough to wear or was too silly to even contemplate?


Paul Arden once quoted “Don’t be afraid of silly ideas. We ALL get mental blocks. We need to get unblocked.

The way to get unblocked is to lose our inhibitions and stop worrying about being right.”


Behind many great ideas that we take for granted or often find too silly to even think twice about, there stands a heart-on-your-sleeve type of person, standing by what they believe to be right. No inhibitions or questions, just notions of perspective.


For every single idea is a step in the right direction to a new, better idea…and we’re all working on that.


I love the fact that the ‘heart on your sleeve’ stereotype is so willingly alit with ideas that the concept of sharing them is integrated into an everyday situation.

I have been told many times to express what I’m thinking a little more, to define my ideas and my insights a little clearer; something to move towards progressively. But it definitely is in there, and comes out quite a bit in its own time.

 Where have you been hiding?

Wearing your heart and ideas on your sleeve is somewhat like playing cards… imagine a poker cheat with cards up their sleeve, by letting one show, then they are giving up their game…exposing their bluff… so keeping your cards close to your chest figuratively means not displaying your objective or ideas in such a line of fire.

(Not that I would ever dupe a game of course…)


In hindsight of this matter, it is a dexterous and mysterious way to deal with ideas and emotions.

Ultimately the counter-productive nature of holding your cards to your chest will backfire, ideas are not expressed, cannot grow and cannot breathe. We all need a little time (and a shorter sleeve for that matter) to let it out the silly ideas and lose our reticence.


Although quite familiar to many, the concept of hiding emotions, ideas and insights is something of an initial barrier that people seem to hold and eventually break through over time. With the exception of children of course. Their freedom of speech, the choice of expression is always very much animated.


Could you be a little more open, little more silly, more childish?


Could you wear your heart on your sleeve just a little more?


Thoughtful Karma

14 May

Karma is the concept of “action” or “deed” indefinitely understood as cause and effect.

The philosophical explanation of karma can differ slightly between traditions, but the general concept is basically the same.



For some reason, lately I have been thinking alot about the cause and effect of karma… how it happens, when it comes back and how effectively the measure is taken into our own lives.

All living creatures are responsible for their karma — their actions and the effects of their actions — and for their release.



Actions do not create karma (good or bad), but intentions do, many people believe that everything in the Universe is in a state of creation, maintenance, or destruction.


Similarly, the mind creates a thought, maintains or follows it for some time, and the thought ultimately dissolves, and it is replaced by other thoughts.

Karma is a response to created events in our own opinions and of the intentions that we have, above all.

So everything we do, believe in and breathe life into, withholds its own sense of karmatic nature. I am starting to think, while good karma is slowly creeping into my life – I still am trying to cope through a little bad karma (as we all humanly do).

…Something I’m working on, as I’m sure the ‘greater good’ is seen above all. But I often wonder if the good karma is built upon the bridge of bad karma? I find it all a lesson that has been worth building upon, each new step forward with good karma is much stronger than the last.


Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, it is about really making yourself responsible for your own life, and the pain and joy it brings to ourselves and to others.


Ultimately a life-balancing act we cannot escape.

disconnected…or reconnected?

30 Apr

It’s a funny place you find yourself in when you don’t have the luxury of the everyday world wide web. I mean, it’s not something you need to survive, yet when it’s taken away – things seem just that little bit more difficult –and not to mention that things seem to pile up in a matter of a snowball effect…

Being disconnected now for roughly 2 weeks has been having some interesting effects on my daily routine. I have been forced to break rules when the chance arrives, borrow connections and hack my way into the virtual world that we have become so compulsively addicted to. And not to mention being wreckless enough to get busted for a questionable subject matter…

I never realised how much of an impact the web has held over my current situation. Not only a means of networking, socialising, blogging and creating, but also as a means of learning and keeping in touch with the arbitrary facts, events and creations, that I love… Bringing light to new perspectives, expanding the mind and all that.
It’s small things like this that make life easier – more simplified. Yet logically I can’t help thinking that it’s these very things that make us remote, slothful and complicated to begin with.

Being disconnected thus far has brought me to so much disorder, yet I have spent more time drawing, more time chatting & eating out and more time thinking about the world outside the window (and no, not just because I am now forced to listen to AM radio in the mornings due to the FM switch being broken). Slightly refreshed, I treck back into the wonderful world of web 2.0 and here we go once more…


10 minutes

16 Apr

In the last ten minutes alot has happened. things move by slowly and perceptions change depening on what I see, feel imagine and create.

In the last 10 minutes the lights have dimmed, the noises outside softened down to a dull whisper.
In the last 10 minutes I have changed perspectives, juxtaposed thoughts and principles against the grain.
In the last 10 minutes I have written and re-written concepts and tried to understand why thigns work out the way they do.
The shadows on the walls have grown a little longer.
I have travelled into a world of ‘what if’s’ and annother of ‘when it happens’. I have questioned notions of value, perceptions of evil and even reasons behind ‘the rules’ of what’s right and wrong.

In the last 10 minutes, you will have read this and then moved onto something else.
In the last 10 minutes not much has happened, but my thoughts have already altered and have now changed the way I will wake up tomorrow.