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The Times They Are a-Changin’

9 Sep

Now, lets get a little civic for just a moment. I’m taking a spin on something that seems to catch my eye every now and then. Just thought it might be worth a mention, to see how far down the rabbit hole it might fall here.
After all, it is everywhere. On your TV, newspapers, and even on car bumper stickers in Australia.

No, its not the Olympics (Thank you TV for scaring my retinas into 2 weeks of hiding).

For those of you living under a dark, heavy rock somewhere, it is of course the American Presidential Campaign. Its close and Obama will remember his own message just as well as we do.

Just a handful of hateful jokes, written by none other than George Bush’s speech writer and uttered by Sarah Palin isn’t going to change much of the truth behind the painting.
People like George Bush, Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh have been using the harsh politics of fear and hate to divide their countries people for decades. Even though they sub-standardly profess to be uniters not dividers. But, apparently out of desperation, McCain has sold out on his own beliefs to embrace the scorched earth politics of his handlers in this rat race.

I’m not one for following whole heartily the mass union of American politics, but the passion behind not only the country but what its people can do for it, have me paying a little more attention this time. Just a little more heart seems to be pouring its way into the American dream. Oh ‘Yes we can’ this time.
Small town or big city, hockey mum or hard working dad, black or white, red or blue – there is only one country.

There will always and everywhere be disagreements on politics and religion but the big scary truth is that we’re all in this together. The people who fought back in honor on United Flight 93 didn’t do it for “Let’s Roll” to become a political slogan. The rescue workers who died in the World Trade Towers didn’t do it so They could turn 9/11 into a fast and easy stump speech. These people work hard, do their duty and rise to the occasion – no matter the differences, because without it, the country just wouldn’t work.

This election is about hope.

And thats Obama’s kicker. Hope that people can stop flinging mud amongst other matter and start building bridges.
If McCain and Palin disagree with how to do that, then they should tell us their plan. But if the Republicans wish to make this campaign about character assassination, Obama and Joe Biden should just let them do their thing. The only needed response is to show them that there is another road to take. And this time, they’re waiting eagerly.

A special shout out to Amelia McManus for keeping me so in touch with it all. 🙂

O-bama right?