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Glory bound

1 Dec

Life is a growing expedition
Through the twisted and tangled, unfilled in parts.
What happens when I leave this place?
Because of the fear we don’t trust
Our own choices?
our story? our colours?
Be afraid and leap regardless.
Keep watching, waiting, take the leap.

Push into the questions of our lives when nothing feels clear.
We have a chance to do absolutely anything, to reach out to another, vulnerable and true.
To dance on the rooftops in euphoria, to sing in the ocean, to dream proud and loud. Take it.
Just let go.

What are you afraid of?

This chance is not every moment, but it is mine, and now it is yours.
Take that ticket, board that plane.
I’m taking a chance on the wind.
I’m packing all my bags
Making a mistake I’ve got to make
And I’m glory bound.

We came from the past…

8 Nov

Tonight I was surrounded by friends that I love. We shared lyrics, heard thoughts and laughed
around candles and colours of maybe…around what ifs and wishes.
I soaked in the warm songs of a tribe.

I know happiness although its not perfect rightness, just a softening for understanding for the way life is going.

This has all happened before us, we came from the past from songs and fire and sideways glances.
We create it all over again,
untied and loose
we travel together
Making it to the next landing point, hands in fists, standing tall;
eyes wide open.

When they play music, not the instrument

3 Sep

Once in a while, I hear a song that just takes me away. I could lie in bed and stare at the ceiling and drift out of my life. The surrounds blur to a distant mystery.

Someplace where the leaves change colour and where the night shines brilliantly, reflecting in snow and moonlight.
Somehow minutes feel like hours and I could be there for a softly spoken eternity.
That’s where the melody takes me, I always wonder if i’m alone in it or if someone, somewhere, shares the same reverie with me.

The land of melody

I Heart Apple Mac

28 May

The Life and love of an apple mac is sweet, yet undeniably shorter than desired. New, gleaming with pride and oozing appeal.


The stunning white package does all its supposed to and more. Giving unconditional support and deliberation through all projects, big and small.

Your relationship grows together. You share photos, designs and ideas with mac, it gives you lasting co-operation and super speed at the power of many light-hearted clicks. You learn to love all of mac’s, little quirks and unique personality traits; nothing else stands tall to mac.

Mac ultimately allows you a certain sensibility and a beautiful interface to life that is indefinably almost perfect.


However, the years go by, things eventually start to slow down.

The crashing becomes more frequent, the ‘freezing out’ is playing a serious toll on your relationship. You share fewer photos, less memories, because frankly, mac can’t handle it anymore. Everything is suddenly too complicated and takes too much time to sort out. You spend more time apart and don’t appreciate quality time together anymore.


Mac is not open to meeting new friends like your new ipod nano or your new wireless internet connection and shuts down every program to avoid communication.




Honestly, the new updates can only take you so far. …Sorry mac, its time to say goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great. You could never, ever look at another PC…but we’ve just changed.


It was good while it lasted. …Fun and full of nostalgia.

Mac has given meaning to your life, your career. You wouldn’t be here without mac.

You will always love mac. But it’s goodbye. It’s time to move on to bigger, better things. …Like that new macbook pro you’ve been dreaming about, eyeing off in that window over there.

Inspiration is doing it’s thing

31 Mar

Inspiration is something of the moment. Why does it take inspiration from others to start motivation? Or is it a little deeper than that, does inspiration come from within?

When you have had enough of being average, invisible and mundane. A little spark is set alight. Its when your eyes open just that little bit wider, wide enough to see another prospect, another opportunity another door that is just around the corner.
It can be as simple as a song lyric, a photograph, another piece of design or a discussion with a coworker about the ‘what if’ situations… Dreaming and all that.

I have been putting off my inspiration and my dreams. Pushing back. How often do you find yourself saying “in 10 minutes…” or “next year…” or even “I don’t want to upset them”? Only too often I think. What if ‘next year’ was to turn into right now.
Clearly when things start to inspire, subconsciously they start to happen. Think. believe dream and become.

Things are already starting to progress, although I still feel a little blindfolded.