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The heart of design still beats

22 Sep

Soon, if not already, everything will be designed.
People, places, things, experiences. It’s only a matter of when, how well and to what end.
Who designs all this stuff?
Everyones a designer. Not enough designers.

What we make, we design. What we edit, plan, fix or remodel, we design.

Quality of design determines the quality of our lives. Look around. Consider how you define design.

Make things better. Make better things.

We just love clients so much.

17 Aug
You know it.

You know it.

It’s a down-and-dirty dog-eat-dog world we live in, you’ll be sure to find the worst.
Let this be a lesson. Do it their way, then do it your way.
Designer: “But, look, Comic Sans is the most de-”

Client: “I SAID, it looks quirky and fun; use it!”

Designer: “But I ref-”

Client: “Do it.”

Designer: minus 1 soul.