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Flickr at it’s best and it’s worst …at the same time.

28 Jun

I seriously adore Flickr. It’s a fantastic site and is streamed through other great photo search engines like Flickr Storm and Compfight that I use constantly end to end.
So as I was wandering aimlessly though several search engines, (my attention diverted and abstracted by the arbitrary associated with my inital ideas… again) I came across this little piece of work…

a slight flicker in Flickr?

Flickr have turned an ‘Oops’ into fun. Obviously the Flickr site was down, for a conciderable amount of time and just before listing a generic message…

“I’m Sorry your Flickr post is important to us, but currently out site is down and well, you’ll just have to wait till we get around to it.”

…Wait on, here’s an idea. Let’s keep them busy and they might still love us. Flickr had pushed the boundaries just that little but further with a creative foothold that had their audience brimming with lateral thought and frothing at the mouth in particiapation… or something like that.

When I see this kind of communication, it makes me smile. Takes me back just a couple of years when we were asked to identify ‘What is Graphic Design’. The varied output, concepts and realities were phenomenal and so inspiringly unique. Everyone wants to jump on board and share their 5 cents.

Fantastic soloution. …Fantastic marketing soloution.
Nice one Flickr for turning that negative into a positve. So much, that we forgot what was wrong in the first place.



The world’s first online balloon race by Orange

26 Jun

I was sitting on a tram the other day… not something I do very often and overheard a conversation about the Orange online balloon race brought to us by Poke.
This is something that I had stumbled across, which I just love …flicking to a random blog or website with a small orange animal floating in the corner of the page. It’s digital work like this that spreads one of the most creative advertising messages in a genuinely effective medium. Now in more than just an online capacity.
Now available as word of mouth.

It’s not just the adorably kitsch visual that draws in consumers, but the collective nature behind the great balloon race. It’s the online race that everyone wants to be apart of. We always like to see something different in the world …and in advertising for that matter.

Orange has come up with just that.

It’s a great idea. It’s fun, interactive and participative. It’s got the word of mouth vibe going like crazy and it’s already started so check it out at playballoonacy.com.

Paul Arden – a legend’s end

7 Apr

Paul Arden was one of the most exceptional creative directors with a unique and rebelious attitude, an individualism and passion for perfection that resulted in some of the best advertising in the 80/90s.

A friend told me today that Paul Arden had passed away – and it was something that has made a dint in my day. His book “Its not how good you are, its how good you want to be” is an inspirational piece of genius. Such an eye opener that needs to be read by all creatives and anyone really, with an active mind.

– For those who haven;t read it: http://www.amazon.com/Its-Not-How-Good-Want/dp/0714843377

Paul Aren was inspirational, a mentor and a legendary creative director that cut his own path and left a trail for many people to learn from.

Its interesting and moving when people like Paul Arden pass away. Not quite sure how to pinpoint it, or what it targets – but it’s certainly something memorable that stirs up a little dust for me.

Still today – I often look through Paul Arden’s book and don’t put it down. Such insight leaves impressions that are never forgotten and always enjoyed. It is also interesting to think what now?

Will there be another Arden? Or will there be something uncovered – an untold story that maybe Arden was sitting on all along? I will look forward to whatever could try to come close to such an author/creative.

Its people like Paul Arden that make you want to turn pages, and that is truly unforgettable.