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Can we design the client too?

24 Aug

    Because we all get a little lost sometimes underneath the heavy Monday mornings, the 3rd cup of deep, dark, black coffee and an evil client that fails to surprise with emails asking:
    “Errmmm… can you make the logo just a little bigger? …ok ALOT bigger.
    And by 9am. Good? Great.”

    • Imagination is more important than knowledge.
    • Designers are meant to be loved. Not to be understood.
    • The best designers are the ones who find the good clients.
    • Design must seduce, shape, and most importantly, evoke an emotional response

    Amazing, I know.
    Available as limited edition poster art from here. So be quick.


    We just love clients so much.

    17 Aug
    You know it.

    You know it.

    It’s a down-and-dirty dog-eat-dog world we live in, you’ll be sure to find the worst.
    Let this be a lesson. Do it their way, then do it your way.
    Designer: “But, look, Comic Sans is the most de-”

    Client: “I SAID, it looks quirky and fun; use it!”

    Designer: “But I ref-”

    Client: “Do it.”

    Designer: minus 1 soul.