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A little thought

8 Jan

Life is far less in memory, and spirit,
though, if we do not stop and savor in all that is tender and warmhearted: The intimacy of a kiss, of breathless desire.

The winded laughter of friends, echoing into long emptied coffee mugs and lamp lit rooms. The vivacious feeling, of an affectionate embrace. The stretching smile of unadulterated delight, from someone dear,
Someone cherished.

Worth writing for.

27 Nov
A love for typography just isnt enough, it's about them words.

A love for typography just isn't enough.

So it may have just hit me that I’m a writer. -Of some sort.
It seems almost silly that I’ve been blogging for several months now, and I’ve only just realised through casual conversations (in and out of the blogosphere) that I’m a writer. It’s not an entirely new discovery though.

Seth Godin has a recent post up on his blog talking about ‘The Death of Personal Blogs’. With writing and blogging, it’s become a conversation on the blogosphere – more than just any old ‘cat’ blog – but looking deeper into the spread and share of ideas and to “chronicle” such thinking.

I’ve come to realise in the past few months that writing has an undefined place in my soul. It has become a vice, an escape from the usual 9-5 and it allows me to connect.
And I adore words. I love the idea in linguistics that the more words we know, the more efficiently and effectively we are able to communicate. I love finding the perfect word or set of a words that most accurately conveys what I’m trying to say. And I even like that I can’t always find them… the indescribable is a good place to be, in my book anyway.

And I’m writing this story.

Its almost like finding a way to tell a story and bring people to your notion of understanding and grasp. So when it boils down to it – you can keep pushing to new levels of thought, conversation and writing.

But today, I realised that I truly do love to write. Not just any blogger or a lover of words or apprentice, even. What’s weird is that I didn’t even know it until 2004, when I accidentally stumbled into the creative writing side of my brain with a journal project at uni, never to return.
But that’s a different story.

Then, this year, I threw caution to the wind and admitted the truth to the world – through the notorious means of a blog, however random or varied the content. And now – well, now that beast has been released, it’s pretty much something I need to do.

The past few days have been chaotic – work is chaotic and I have deadlines and proposals and briefs crammed into every space and corner of my waking hours. This evening is my first free evening since last weekend. But when I asked myself do you want to sleep or to write? The answer reverberated throughout my head: We want to write.

So I didn’t stay back to do overtime. Not this time. Because when I neglect fulltime work, I don’t feel half as unbalanced as when I neglect my blog writing. Which is strange. It really has grown on me.

I’d like to be a great many things in my life, and I often try to be and do too many at once. My heart tells me that I should credit the girl inside who writes if I want too – I don’t have to be the girl who always eats sleeps and breathes design, not all the time. That’s pretty amazing to me. I thought if I was one, it would almost be too hard to be good any anything else. But it’s not. It’s been done before.

I know that the girl who designs is inside of me, but right now, it’s time for the girl who blogs to shine through. Not everything has to be done at once, and not everything has to be done to the nth degree.

What a concept.

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Can we design the client too?

24 Aug

    Because we all get a little lost sometimes underneath the heavy Monday mornings, the 3rd cup of deep, dark, black coffee and an evil client that fails to surprise with emails asking:
    “Errmmm… can you make the logo just a little bigger? …ok ALOT bigger.
    And by 9am. Good? Great.”

    • Imagination is more important than knowledge.
    • Designers are meant to be loved. Not to be understood.
    • The best designers are the ones who find the good clients.
    • Design must seduce, shape, and most importantly, evoke an emotional response

    Amazing, I know.
    Available as limited edition poster art from here. So be quick.


    Secretly framed.

    3 Aug

    These photographs were taken in Presgrave place, around the corner from little collins street.
    The group of framed images apparently mysteriously appeared. Each night another frame was added until the collection itself has become a beautiful twist on the revelation of street art.
    The frames hold an insightful beauty and are a secret so well hidden. How typically Melbourne.

    I also find it quite amazing how respected the frames are. Still existing untouched by others, as a lightly weathered backstreet secret.

    Images courtesy of trimba & karenisafox on flickr

    Home is where the heart is

    26 Jul










    I call Melbourne my home now, I think I always will. It’s a place I feel close too, dazzling and inimitable. There is always something atypical and mysterious to stumble across that holds a smile to my face.

    I’ve fallen in love with parts Melbourne; the laid back streets, the unique culture and hidden secrets behind every laneway or corner. I love being able to walk down a city lane way and be surprised by a man reading poetry to his wife or a band of performers playing music throughout the city streets.

    The fact you can find small pieces of architecture, art and design that tell stories about its people and their dreams, keeps me feeling proud to call this city mine.

    Once you skip past the intense traffic jams and clouded grey skies, there is something that makes Melbourne intrinsically different. Something that will let me miss it more than any other city, something nostalgically out of the ordinary in its culture, life and city streets that holds a special place in my heart.

    It’s interactive, iconic and historic all in one.

    Too often its beauty and freedom are taken for granted.

    I was sitting on a sky bus the other week, heading into the city, surrounded by a mass of tourists with their guide books out and trying to fit in as much of Melbourne in to their trip as possible.

    I couldn’t help but smile, it’s funny how easy it is to overlook the streets we walk across everyday.

    Lying Art

    21 May

    Art has the power to take pain, suffering, ugliness and chaos, and turn it all into something pleasurable, orderly, beautiful.

    But isn’t there something wrong with that? What sort of thing gives pleasure by lying about unpleasurable things; worse still, by telling you it’s a lie?

    Well, without art, as philosophers tell us, we would die of the truth.