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The million dollar homepage

12 Mar

So its been around for a while now, but I’m still mildly amused by this, and did find this draft hiding neatly away under the rug of my wordpress dashboard.
So here it is. One million bright ideas….

Take one college-bound student with an overdrawn bank account and one intense 20-minute brainstorming session on how to raise money to pay for school, and what do you get?

A million-dollar idea that’s had people everywhere slapping their foreheads and muttering “Why didn’t I think of that?” ever since.
With only one month to go before he was to begin classes at a three-year university course, -and no money in his bank account this kid was determined to find a way to avoid student debt.

The home page holds a million pixels arranged in a 1000×1000 pixel grid; the image-based links on it were sold for $1 per pixel in 10 × 10 blocks.

The lucky buyers of these pixel blocks supplied tiny images, a URL and a slogan to appear when hovering over the link. The aim of the site was to sell all of the pixels in the image, and pretty much brought in a million dollars of income for the creator.

The Million Dollar Homepage was launched is still alive and successfully raised $1 million by selling ad space for $1 per pixel. It is actually amusing to look at…in a hideous and hilarious sort of way…mainly due to the fact the kid made a worthy buck or two from it.

Stupidly simple. The enterpranuer in me is yelling: “why didn’t I think of that?” right about now.

$1 a pipxel anyone?

$1 a pixel anyone?

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Just keep breaking the rules, Come on get ready to rule

15 Sep

According to some people, there exists only a few simple rules when it comes to advertising – for instance, use provocative visuals and the less copy the better.

Advertising rules (or what have you) are made to be broken and well, if you break them badly, there’s not much of a recovery, your product is lost like that brand …what was it called again…?

If you do it right – it sells the product, the message and leaves the audience wanting to know more and see more. Just like a little campaign running at the moment with Cadbury and the Phil Collins drumming gorilla. ‘Google it’ and you will find a tonne of blogs and articles talking about the nature and idea behind the campaign

“…what does it mean…I don’t get it…Have you seen that Cadbury ad…I can’t stop thinking about that Cadbury TV commercial…I love it…I hate it…etc…”
The point is, these people can’t stop talking about Cadbury and it’s spreading like wildfire, exactly as they’d hoped.

I want to bring up another campaign devised by Crowley Webb for an Irish pub in New York, called Garcia’s. Its an oldie, it ran through in 1989 and it is one brilliant campaign that broke a few little rules and is worth remembering.

Each week for nine weeks in a row, a new billboard would appear in the same location, with a simple “missed connection” message. The first three sported a white typeface on a red background and sounded like the typical love-struck guy…

– “Angel in red- Saw you at Garcia’s Irish Pub. Love to meet you. – William”

– “Angel in red- Still waiting: Garcia’s Pub, Friday? – William”

– “Angel in red- I’m going broke with these billboards. Garcia’s …please! – William.”

On week four William gets a reply (red typeface on a white background)

– “Hey Willie, I’m no angel, but I do wear red. Garcia’s Saturday. -Candi”

Then back to another Red Billboard –

– “Angel in red- Candi was tempting but she wasn’t you. Friday at Garcia’s Pub? – William.”

There are a few more twists and turns before William finally gets the girl.

But, notice the boards didn’t push the ‘Weekday Parma Special’ or promise us that same boring cliche that all restaurants promise. Instead, they invite us into a story. A story where we could all play a part in.
And that is timeless marketing inspiration.

And here’s the Cadbury video, just one more time…

We just love clients so much.

17 Aug
You know it.

You know it.

It’s a down-and-dirty dog-eat-dog world we live in, you’ll be sure to find the worst.
Let this be a lesson. Do it their way, then do it your way.
Designer: “But, look, Comic Sans is the most de-”

Client: “I SAID, it looks quirky and fun; use it!”

Designer: “But I ref-”

Client: “Do it.”

Designer: minus 1 soul.

digital killed the radio star…

16 Aug
on air or online?

On air or online?

I have been paying a lot of attention to music the past few weeks …more actually about the source of music and what I want to hear.

My shiny, tiny ipod touch has been integrated nicely into my hectic lifestyle, with the music I want to hear selected by a touch and played when I want to hear it. No advertisements, no irritating generic house music or fluffed out promo segments. Everything I want and need, without the excessive add-ons of radio.

It’s this kind of refinement in everyday life now that has people expecting and asking for more, and I’m afraid radio, well just isn’t cutting it in the real world.

Bigger, better things are moving on in and shipping you out of my speakers… thank you very much.

Thats right I’m talking ’bout Last.fm.

The very first time I tried last.fm I thought wow, radio is actually dead.
No longer will we have to listen to what commercial networks, funded by major labels, decide is in our taste. Instead I can just simply log on to Last.fm, type in the names of some of my favourite artists and my lovely internet radio station can suggest similar music to try out. Better still, the system can learn from our picks and refine our playlists on the fly depending on how I rate or skip music.

Any system that relies on user recommendation and interaction rather than the dull drip-feed of traditional broadcasting and the simulation of repetitive ads, has to be an advantage.

Last.fm now has deals in several major labels, which will expand its catalogue significantly. Im hoping, despite these arrangements, Last.fm listeners will still be fed new tracks based on preference and taste – not on the bias of any commercial arrangement. Otherwise we might as well turn the radio back on.

While your in the mood for Digital Radio… check out ‘Creative is Not A Department’ for an insight that actually inspired my thought on this one.

The world’s first online balloon race by Orange

26 Jun

I was sitting on a tram the other day… not something I do very often and overheard a conversation about the Orange online balloon race brought to us by Poke.
This is something that I had stumbled across, which I just love …flicking to a random blog or website with a small orange animal floating in the corner of the page. It’s digital work like this that spreads one of the most creative advertising messages in a genuinely effective medium. Now in more than just an online capacity.
Now available as word of mouth.

It’s not just the adorably kitsch visual that draws in consumers, but the collective nature behind the great balloon race. It’s the online race that everyone wants to be apart of. We always like to see something different in the world …and in advertising for that matter.

Orange has come up with just that.

It’s a great idea. It’s fun, interactive and participative. It’s got the word of mouth vibe going like crazy and it’s already started so check it out at playballoonacy.com.