I do know these things…

8 Jan

01. Press checks are always a good way to get out of the office.
02. Designers love robots.
03. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a slab serif font.
04. The logo is *rarely* large enough.
05. Postage for square envelopes is insane, but worth it on occasion.
06. Widows are unacceptable. End of story.
07. Separate the veggie side from the meat side when taking home a leftover sandwich.
08. No one should love Comic Sans. No one.
09. The printer never works when you need it most.
10. Metallic ink on uncoated paper takes forever to dry.
11. Shoes matter.
12. Spray mount on your arm skin is horrible.
13. Spray mount in your nostrils is even worse.
14. Bad clients happen to good people.
15. Your desk is a direct reflection of your home.
16. Measure twice, cut once.
17. There is a difference between an em and en dash.

—Back to work on Monday.

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