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Written words and perfect pictures.

24 Nov

All of a sudden.

17 Nov

Everything that you do is not original.
throughout the history of this world
someone has experienced what you are feeling.
Written the same thing
Having the same thoughts.
But I just feel alone right now.

Everything that you see will influence you
And every person you have talked to
has filled a part of your mind.
…How did I ever let myself get this involved?

There is a vacant hole in my mind,
just waiting for the right memory
the feeling of the moment
to fill it,
the factor.
That keeps me going.

Sure I have people and things
that i depend on – and I didn’t realise how much.

But in the end it seems like it will leave,
and something else will take its place.
Just how far is it?

All it does to my mind
is cause a cloud of
something that is grey.

Oddly and wholely for this time.
It was that little nugget that would fill that space.
well…I’m not sure, but you’re not there anymore.
And i cant describe it to anyone else.
not like i really want to.
It just was.

All I want
is for it to just be there,

And to stop being broken.