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Half full or half empty?

25 Jun

They say a glass seen as half full exemplifies an optimistic view of things. Life, travel, money or what ever you want to pour from.
…Yet a glass viewed as half empty is a reflection of a pessimistic perspective.
I do often see things half empty here, especially in such a foreign environment with unfamiliar surroundings or difficult situations, but I guess that’s normal – anywhere.

Things can seem so much further out of reach and so much more is at stake though when there is nothing familiar to keep you moving along for the rest of your journey. It can all feel completely half empty when you’re alone to start something new.

But yesterday is now a past-tense representation of my life, I have learnt a great deal in moving forward and each day naturally grows upwards and stronger, shaping my own reality as it seems.

Today my glass is half full. and I won’t let my spirit be broken anymore.
My enlightened perspective now is that I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
Perspective is my new fuel for originality. We look at the same world, and see something else, our own worlds blossoming into a new life as a result of what we see, what we do and what we are looking for.
Here comes tomorrow.

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Somethings Missing

16 Jun

des orgs

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Words in Golden Silence

16 Jun

When I read a newspaper, listen to the radio or overhear what people are saying in a cafe as I walk by, I often feel an aversion, even disappointment sometimes at the same words written and spoken over and over-

at the same time expressions, phrases and metaphors repeated. And the worst is, when I listen to myself I have to admit that I can endlessly repeat the same things. They’re so horribly frayed and threadbare, these words, worn down by constant use.

Do they still have any meaning?

Naturally, words have a function; people act on them, they laugh, they cry, they go left or right, the waiter brings the coffee or tea. But thats not what I want to ask.

The question is, are they still expressions of thoughts? Or only effective sounds that drive people in one direction or the other.
I don’t know if its the same language spoken in a different tone, accent or what have you. But it lets you listen a little closer I guess.

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