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Into the unknown

21 Jan

To believe in an escape from the quotidian aspect of life is probably one of our greatest, deep-seated motivators.
Though we might love our friends, family and lives in general, our active minds constantly entertain a place, a future far removed from the familiar.

The escape plan can take many forms; a career breakthrough, a change of country or scenery …sometimes both or a loving relationship even.
The only way we can march to the beat of the humdrum, and chew the gristle of daily life is to believe that something more amazing, more defined, might just be around the corner.

Is it?

A little thought

8 Jan

Life is far less in memory, and spirit,
though, if we do not stop and savor in all that is tender and warmhearted: The intimacy of a kiss, of breathless desire.

The winded laughter of friends, echoing into long emptied coffee mugs and lamp lit rooms. The vivacious feeling, of an affectionate embrace. The stretching smile of unadulterated delight, from someone dear,
Someone cherished.