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Some dreams just are built to stick

8 Oct

She tells her heart while half asleep
In the darkest hours
With half-words whispered low
As dreams stir in a winter’s sleep.
Only an ambitious thought to follow
to the places she goes.
Over land, past deep blue seas,
Across a blank canvas to find
Nothing set,
Nothing made yet.

Pick up a pen, wake from this sleep
Everything we believe
Everything we do
Connects the space
Between dreams and life,
Between me and you.

Creative air

1 Oct

Gone are the days of open briefs, limitless faux brands, numerous outcomes and invisible clients.
Take a walk along the path of this much loved, over-studied, hard working and ‘so mentally strenuous and nerve racking that it becomes creatively addictive’, and you are a fulltime designer. No more Uni briefs, no more constructive lecturers. Everything we dreamt of and the sprinkling of truth we knew existed.

Yes, I’m getting nostalgic. If only for a moment (although those of you that read this blog would already know it is a lot longer than any given moment- at any given chance).


Communication design is what it’s all about (or so the course title persists), creativity is the source, the outlet, the idea and the drive behind every ounce of god damn point in reasoning that we do this sh*t.
So why we spend countless hours doing things and briefs we don’t feel passionate about still puzzles me to a point. I understand that we all go through it, all of us at a point- but I don’t get these so called creatives that get comfortable and lazy and what have you; then realising in 10, 20 years time that they’re just pushing around someone elses pixels and there’s no meaning to it anymore. But it’s too late then.

Over the weekend though, I went through a loose brief with a friend, a basic brochure design. I asked what her style was, what direction she’d like to take and the answer was simple. You’re the creative, however you think looks right.

I didn’t get it.

Only a few years in the industry and the fact a client doesn’t want to tell me how the rules are written, not only surprises me… It excites me.
I guess not everyone, everywhere wants to stake out there brand, sell it for the $2 special and make the logo bigger, I said BIGGER.

Sometimes, just sometimes they want to tell a story, run with your ideas, let you do what your paid to do; and that makes me happy.

Creativity is the baseline for the music that I live for. It’s the drive to do things differently. To want to do things differently.
But it’s the freedom to do these things (and to roam) that breathes life into imagination.

It’s the freedom to change your mind, to be meaningless, to be meaningful.

It is freedom.