Are you hearing what I’m hearing?

19 Aug

Writing is a talent or so they say. – But not just any old writing.

I have loaded up my iPod with four Springsteen albums that have gotten some serious continual airtime.

Music, and music writing, is like breathing to some. Music allows people to find peace when stomachs are churning and emotions are lost. It pulls everything out of your head and folds it all back into place with a disconnected understanding, a little nurture and some storytelling to follow.

I remember ‘back in the day’ when we would find two or three bands and just go through the lyrics and music over and OVER until I had each beat, word, melody memorised in my heads. Because naturally, I thought it was truly beautiful.

Now listening to the story artists tell, I don’t ever seem to want to stop searching for music that has the ability to make my jaw drop and press replay just a few more times.

The way an artist writes their lyrics is an amazing talent, when an artist tells a story, it is something else altogether. Of course I am not talking about Britney Spears and her masquerade of reverberations or what have you.

You cannot channel emotion with that.

But the true artists that write, sing and sweat through every ounce of their own soulful artistry.

Listening to artists from the past, its interesting to see where influences are from and how much music itself has evolved and how much more music can change.

What makes Springsteen unique when it comes to music is the story and life behind his lyrics. This isn’t just some 70’s era flowery string laden sound – it’s the real world with bumps and bruises as well as the power of love and experience to back it up, integrated into a song that keeps me wanting to hear more.

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