digital killed the radio star…

16 Aug
on air or online?

On air or online?

I have been paying a lot of attention to music the past few weeks …more actually about the source of music and what I want to hear.

My shiny, tiny ipod touch has been integrated nicely into my hectic lifestyle, with the music I want to hear selected by a touch and played when I want to hear it. No advertisements, no irritating generic house music or fluffed out promo segments. Everything I want and need, without the excessive add-ons of radio.

It’s this kind of refinement in everyday life now that has people expecting and asking for more, and I’m afraid radio, well just isn’t cutting it in the real world.

Bigger, better things are moving on in and shipping you out of my speakers… thank you very much.

Thats right I’m talking ’bout

The very first time I tried I thought wow, radio is actually dead.
No longer will we have to listen to what commercial networks, funded by major labels, decide is in our taste. Instead I can just simply log on to, type in the names of some of my favourite artists and my lovely internet radio station can suggest similar music to try out. Better still, the system can learn from our picks and refine our playlists on the fly depending on how I rate or skip music.

Any system that relies on user recommendation and interaction rather than the dull drip-feed of traditional broadcasting and the simulation of repetitive ads, has to be an advantage. now has deals in several major labels, which will expand its catalogue significantly. Im hoping, despite these arrangements, listeners will still be fed new tracks based on preference and taste – not on the bias of any commercial arrangement. Otherwise we might as well turn the radio back on.

While your in the mood for Digital Radio… check out ‘Creative is Not A Department’ for an insight that actually inspired my thought on this one.

2 Responses to “digital killed the radio star…”

  1. David Gillespie August 17, 2008 at 2:47 am #

    Why thank you for the shout-out, that post is one I’m really passionate about.

    One thing I’m trying to reconcile in my own head right now is the space music occupies in pure ones and zeroes terms; if it is just a few meg on a hard drive, where’s the value? is, I feel, walking that line in keeping music valuable while making it as accessible as possible, all the while giving you greater opportunity to be heard by people who never would have found you.

    As it acts to subvert traditional power structures, radio and the labels have a natural hand to play in trying to quash it – well, the labels do until they realise there’s more to be gained by working with it than against it; they’ll come around in the same fashion on peer-to-peer sharing eventually. As for radio? Anyone worth their digital salt would have jumped ship yesterday.


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