Home is where the heart is

26 Jul










I call Melbourne my home now, I think I always will. It’s a place I feel close too, dazzling and inimitable. There is always something atypical and mysterious to stumble across that holds a smile to my face.

I’ve fallen in love with parts Melbourne; the laid back streets, the unique culture and hidden secrets behind every laneway or corner. I love being able to walk down a city lane way and be surprised by a man reading poetry to his wife or a band of performers playing music throughout the city streets.

The fact you can find small pieces of architecture, art and design that tell stories about its people and their dreams, keeps me feeling proud to call this city mine.

Once you skip past the intense traffic jams and clouded grey skies, there is something that makes Melbourne intrinsically different. Something that will let me miss it more than any other city, something nostalgically out of the ordinary in its culture, life and city streets that holds a special place in my heart.

It’s interactive, iconic and historic all in one.

Too often its beauty and freedom are taken for granted.

I was sitting on a sky bus the other week, heading into the city, surrounded by a mass of tourists with their guide books out and trying to fit in as much of Melbourne in to their trip as possible.

I couldn’t help but smile, it’s funny how easy it is to overlook the streets we walk across everyday.


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