Waiter… What the hell is that in my cup?

19 Jul
A trip to the Gold Coast has made me realize how much I appreciate need good coffee. After discussing the consistently amazing coffee available from Melbourne’s St. Ali to Sydney’s Campo’s with my good friend, Amelia and we found ourselves reminiscing the consistently bad coffee too.
The Goldcoast, bless the sunshine and hideously kitsch souvenirs, cannot for the life of its tourism, bear a cup even reminiscent to the concept of drinkable coffee.
In front of me sits a form of coffee that smells so scorched, that Satan himself could have very well excreted it. It bears a sour bitterness that only the most naive American tourist could enjoy. With an unsatisfied palate and gut-wrenched nerves I shudder, and that will still be $5.50 thank you very much.

Resisting the urge to stamp a rather sharp fork through the hand of the highly incapable barista, I pass my coffee on to much more appreciating hands – The trash by the door.

 Real coffee, believe it or not, is not that hard to come across. Once you bypass the generic array of Starbucks or Gloria Jeans franchises that appear to be taking over in a rampage of flat, flavourless, bland frappee affairs, you will find it. The wonderful world of preeminent places that makes me proud to call Melbourne home. 
I remember being possibly two Gloria Jeans away from topping myself when I stumbled over a unassuming yet tasteful caffeine trading hole in the wall. The room was full of life and an intoxicating aroma that was almost enough to satisfy my cravings alone. I found myself akin to the bottom feeding students and arrogant BMW driving socialites that surrounded me. All of us in search of one common denominator; real coffee from a place with no attitude, no fancy gimmicks and certainly no replica coffee chain.
Now excuse me whilst I order another long black.  








One Response to “Waiter… What the hell is that in my cup?”

  1. ameliamcmanus July 21, 2008 at 8:18 pm #

    Mmm Campos coffee…

    I’ve got the urge to order this Obama blend! Not sure if I’ll get the chance to swing by their on my next trip to Sydney!.. 😦

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