Waiting for more innovation?

8 Jul
can opener

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is so frustrating being left-handed in a right-handed world.
Given that we make up one in ten of the population you would think that we would be accommodated a little better wouldn’t you?

Today I proceeded to open a can of tomatoes. The task took a frustrating 5 minutes to open. How can something as innovative and simple as a ‘can opener’ be so complicated to employ? The hindrance behind using this, forced me to actually open the can in reverse. But in the end I won out. And felt like I had overcome a challenge. For opening a can.

Anyway, as a gadget, the ‘right-handed’ can opener is a reasonable concept …with many flaws.

But it did draw my attention to the fact everywhere we go, left-handed people come across tools that were designed for the right handed.

Innovation with products alike this should have been considered from the start. The very start – none of this right-handed and then left handed tooling. (Yes I am aware of left handed can openers)

If a product works, consumers are hooked and will remain loyal to the brand over the course of their lifetime… or well, until something better comes along. And no one wants to change who they are to be able to actually utilise a product, this includes using right handed tools.

And to the companies out there looking to improve everyday products and provide a broader range of consumers with a little more than what we have – I suggest a trend in customer-innovation. Get your customers to help co-create products.

Working with each other, to develop new products, services, processes or marketing. This trend is being witnessed more and more, and not just in the FMCG industry where this kind of innovation has been common for some time now.

Which brings me closer to the idea of ‘open innovation’ (Yes, you know it, open beats closed…every time, every situation …right?)

The central idea here is all about obtaining widely distributed knowledge, sourcing processes or inventions and applying them to your brand or product to provide us with the best possible solution. Every time please.

Today, information and innovation can be transferred so easily that it seems impossible to prevent. So therefore innovation would state that companies cannot stop the phenomenon of improvement, they must learn to take advantage of it.


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