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A Little More Sleep Would Be Nice.

1 Jun

I’ve been sleeping intermittently of late, in fact each night I have been sleeping less, and thinking a little more.

The sheets feel ruffled and twisted around me, the clock is buzzing with sound, while the sleep light from my imac flashes compulsively in 5 second intervals, breathing ever so lightly as it fades and refreshes.

I form shapes, patterns and faces in the overcast shadows on the ceiling.

As I count each second by, ideas, thoughts and inspiration float through my mind.


What keeps me awake?


Dreams of yesterday, things I could-have…should-have done and what I will do.

The thoughts of tomorrow and dreams of around the corner beg to be answered. How can I sleep when so much is going on, things still move, my ideas are alive tonight and so much is to be done.


As I sigh, the light from outside flickers through my blinds, breaking into the dark shadows and flooding the corners of my room with grey.


It’s time to get some sleep.