Wear it on your sleeve?

21 May

We all have bad ideas, good ideas and silly ideas. I love silly ideas.

But I want to ask you – what gives the impression of a bad idea? What makes it right for anyone to point out that that idea was not good enough to wear or was too silly to even contemplate?


Paul Arden once quoted “Don’t be afraid of silly ideas. We ALL get mental blocks. We need to get unblocked.

The way to get unblocked is to lose our inhibitions and stop worrying about being right.”


Behind many great ideas that we take for granted or often find too silly to even think twice about, there stands a heart-on-your-sleeve type of person, standing by what they believe to be right. No inhibitions or questions, just notions of perspective.


For every single idea is a step in the right direction to a new, better idea…and we’re all working on that.


I love the fact that the ‘heart on your sleeve’ stereotype is so willingly alit with ideas that the concept of sharing them is integrated into an everyday situation.

I have been told many times to express what I’m thinking a little more, to define my ideas and my insights a little clearer; something to move towards progressively. But it definitely is in there, and comes out quite a bit in its own time.

 Where have you been hiding?

Wearing your heart and ideas on your sleeve is somewhat like playing cards… imagine a poker cheat with cards up their sleeve, by letting one show, then they are giving up their game…exposing their bluff… so keeping your cards close to your chest figuratively means not displaying your objective or ideas in such a line of fire.

(Not that I would ever dupe a game of course…)


In hindsight of this matter, it is a dexterous and mysterious way to deal with ideas and emotions.

Ultimately the counter-productive nature of holding your cards to your chest will backfire, ideas are not expressed, cannot grow and cannot breathe. We all need a little time (and a shorter sleeve for that matter) to let it out the silly ideas and lose our reticence.


Although quite familiar to many, the concept of hiding emotions, ideas and insights is something of an initial barrier that people seem to hold and eventually break through over time. With the exception of children of course. Their freedom of speech, the choice of expression is always very much animated.


Could you be a little more open, little more silly, more childish?


Could you wear your heart on your sleeve just a little more?


One Response to “Wear it on your sleeve?”

  1. John Parr May 21, 2008 at 8:25 am #

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