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coffee: a creature comfort

7 May

I like coffee.  I love coffee. In fact, I’ve noticed that my every waking moment, and I have a lot of waking moments, is fueled by coffee …I don’t think it’s an unhealthy obsession at all.

The alarm sounds…
6:25am – The stovetop esspresso boils, waking me to the sound of sizzling water and smell of roasted beans. I sip half a cup in bed before I open my eyes.

A little rant on passion

7 May

The other day i was asked what is the point of anything unless you have passion behind it? It doesn’t matter if they hate you or if no one else understands –Passion is what hits the home run.

This fact could not be further from the truth. What’s the point of doing anything unless your heart is not fully in it to begin with?
 …Im pretty big on the concept and resonance of passion at the moment – each time I can, I delve into a deep conversation, my eyes light up and I don’t really care who you are or what you do – because once that little feeling breaks loose – nothing else stands tall to it. 

My passion lies behind my ideas and dreams …the ideas that sit on the horizon and the way that I wake up in the morning and see things, just that little bit differently to everyone else. It’s the courage that allows me to chase dreams and the feeling of achievement or excitement once getting that little step closer. Creativity is endless and everything around is a million times brighter, faster and within reach.

If you don’t have passion in what you’re doing, what is the point of continuing at all? – What reasons do you have for progressing or even wanting more?