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I Heart Apple Mac

28 May

The Life and love of an apple mac is sweet, yet undeniably shorter than desired. New, gleaming with pride and oozing appeal.


The stunning white package does all its supposed to and more. Giving unconditional support and deliberation through all projects, big and small.

Your relationship grows together. You share photos, designs and ideas with mac, it gives you lasting co-operation and super speed at the power of many light-hearted clicks. You learn to love all of mac’s, little quirks and unique personality traits; nothing else stands tall to mac.

Mac ultimately allows you a certain sensibility and a beautiful interface to life that is indefinably almost perfect.


However, the years go by, things eventually start to slow down.

The crashing becomes more frequent, the ‘freezing out’ is playing a serious toll on your relationship. You share fewer photos, less memories, because frankly, mac can’t handle it anymore. Everything is suddenly too complicated and takes too much time to sort out. You spend more time apart and don’t appreciate quality time together anymore.


Mac is not open to meeting new friends like your new ipod nano or your new wireless internet connection and shuts down every program to avoid communication.




Honestly, the new updates can only take you so far. …Sorry mac, its time to say goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great. You could never, ever look at another PC…but we’ve just changed.


It was good while it lasted. …Fun and full of nostalgia.

Mac has given meaning to your life, your career. You wouldn’t be here without mac.

You will always love mac. But it’s goodbye. It’s time to move on to bigger, better things. …Like that new macbook pro you’ve been dreaming about, eyeing off in that window over there.

Lying Art

21 May

Art has the power to take pain, suffering, ugliness and chaos, and turn it all into something pleasurable, orderly, beautiful.

But isn’t there something wrong with that? What sort of thing gives pleasure by lying about unpleasurable things; worse still, by telling you it’s a lie?

Well, without art, as philosophers tell us, we would die of the truth.

Never the same…

21 May

Walking in the sun, I take in the colours, sounds smells without focusing on any precise details. I’m in a haze of the world. I pass a table of older people drinking coffee and catch a fragment of conversation: “I was never the same after that…”
What were they talking about? The phrase haunts me for the rest of the day.

Wear it on your sleeve?

21 May

We all have bad ideas, good ideas and silly ideas. I love silly ideas.

But I want to ask you – what gives the impression of a bad idea? What makes it right for anyone to point out that that idea was not good enough to wear or was too silly to even contemplate?


Paul Arden once quoted “Don’t be afraid of silly ideas. We ALL get mental blocks. We need to get unblocked.

The way to get unblocked is to lose our inhibitions and stop worrying about being right.”


Behind many great ideas that we take for granted or often find too silly to even think twice about, there stands a heart-on-your-sleeve type of person, standing by what they believe to be right. No inhibitions or questions, just notions of perspective.


For every single idea is a step in the right direction to a new, better idea…and we’re all working on that.


I love the fact that the ‘heart on your sleeve’ stereotype is so willingly alit with ideas that the concept of sharing them is integrated into an everyday situation.

I have been told many times to express what I’m thinking a little more, to define my ideas and my insights a little clearer; something to move towards progressively. But it definitely is in there, and comes out quite a bit in its own time.

 Where have you been hiding?

Wearing your heart and ideas on your sleeve is somewhat like playing cards… imagine a poker cheat with cards up their sleeve, by letting one show, then they are giving up their game…exposing their bluff… so keeping your cards close to your chest figuratively means not displaying your objective or ideas in such a line of fire.

(Not that I would ever dupe a game of course…)


In hindsight of this matter, it is a dexterous and mysterious way to deal with ideas and emotions.

Ultimately the counter-productive nature of holding your cards to your chest will backfire, ideas are not expressed, cannot grow and cannot breathe. We all need a little time (and a shorter sleeve for that matter) to let it out the silly ideas and lose our reticence.


Although quite familiar to many, the concept of hiding emotions, ideas and insights is something of an initial barrier that people seem to hold and eventually break through over time. With the exception of children of course. Their freedom of speech, the choice of expression is always very much animated.


Could you be a little more open, little more silly, more childish?


Could you wear your heart on your sleeve just a little more?


8 things meme

14 May

So I was tagged , in a meme, not too long ago that has inevitably been circulating the web for a little while now. All thanks to David Gillespie for the tag and here are a few little facts about me that are not so much common knowledge…

My 8 for ’08


1. I am related to the Australian artist Arthur Boyd. (A few generations or so back on my fathers side of the family).

 Arthur Boyd, Wheatfield, 1948


2. I lived in Italy as a child for 6 months and spoke fluent Italian (as well as children do…) – suffice to say I cannot for the life of me string a sentence together now in Italian…


3. I LOVE to cook. I find it fun and exciting and can make anything from fresh pasta and Pestos to roast dinners and pizza doughs. I feel like cooking is a creative outlet and the more I learn, the more I love it!


4. When I was in grade 3 at primary school, a friend and I had this obsession with picking flowers and selling them to people in the streets (anything for a quick buck and in the general scheme of innocent sabotage).

We would walk the streets pre-prepared with scissors and tissue paper and a ream of ribbon – picking flowers from gardens and selling to neighbors. Entirely innocent of course…One time we were caught red handed – the owner of the house was infuriated and we ran like crazy. She proceeded to jump into her khaki 1957 datsun, and roar down the street in furious rage – chasing us. I am still to this day AMAZED at how fast and far two 3rd graders could run in the space of 2minutes. All flowers were returned to rightful owners. We staggered home quietly in an orderly line…without the shackles we so deserved.


5. I am left handed.


6. I have a soft spot for art and beautiful creativity. I can’t pin point it exactly but when I seen an amazing piece my heart lifts to the sky and I feel immediately inspired. Its something I feel closely related too and it really hits home when I see something special…


7. Through my life I have lived in over 16 houses from Canberra to Albury/Wodonga to all over Melbourne. After staying anywhere longer than 1 year, the next move for some reason is always anticipated…


8. I found out a year ago that I actually have an older half-sister in Sydney called Belinda, whom I am yet to meet.


So I am not going to tag 8 people, as I don’t think 8 people will respond…but these are the people most likely to respond…Amelia, Sharon, Clary, Zoe …and of course, anyone else out there who hasn’t already done it.


Thoughtful Karma

14 May

Karma is the concept of “action” or “deed” indefinitely understood as cause and effect.

The philosophical explanation of karma can differ slightly between traditions, but the general concept is basically the same.



For some reason, lately I have been thinking alot about the cause and effect of karma… how it happens, when it comes back and how effectively the measure is taken into our own lives.

All living creatures are responsible for their karma — their actions and the effects of their actions — and for their release.



Actions do not create karma (good or bad), but intentions do, many people believe that everything in the Universe is in a state of creation, maintenance, or destruction.


Similarly, the mind creates a thought, maintains or follows it for some time, and the thought ultimately dissolves, and it is replaced by other thoughts.

Karma is a response to created events in our own opinions and of the intentions that we have, above all.

So everything we do, believe in and breathe life into, withholds its own sense of karmatic nature. I am starting to think, while good karma is slowly creeping into my life – I still am trying to cope through a little bad karma (as we all humanly do).

…Something I’m working on, as I’m sure the ‘greater good’ is seen above all. But I often wonder if the good karma is built upon the bridge of bad karma? I find it all a lesson that has been worth building upon, each new step forward with good karma is much stronger than the last.


Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, it is about really making yourself responsible for your own life, and the pain and joy it brings to ourselves and to others.


Ultimately a life-balancing act we cannot escape.

coffee: a creature comfort

7 May

I like coffee.  I love coffee. In fact, I’ve noticed that my every waking moment, and I have a lot of waking moments, is fueled by coffee …I don’t think it’s an unhealthy obsession at all.

The alarm sounds…
6:25am – The stovetop esspresso boils, waking me to the sound of sizzling water and smell of roasted beans. I sip half a cup in bed before I open my eyes.

A little rant on passion

7 May

The other day i was asked what is the point of anything unless you have passion behind it? It doesn’t matter if they hate you or if no one else understands –Passion is what hits the home run.

This fact could not be further from the truth. What’s the point of doing anything unless your heart is not fully in it to begin with?
 …Im pretty big on the concept and resonance of passion at the moment – each time I can, I delve into a deep conversation, my eyes light up and I don’t really care who you are or what you do – because once that little feeling breaks loose – nothing else stands tall to it. 

My passion lies behind my ideas and dreams …the ideas that sit on the horizon and the way that I wake up in the morning and see things, just that little bit differently to everyone else. It’s the courage that allows me to chase dreams and the feeling of achievement or excitement once getting that little step closer. Creativity is endless and everything around is a million times brighter, faster and within reach.

If you don’t have passion in what you’re doing, what is the point of continuing at all? – What reasons do you have for progressing or even wanting more?