10 minutes

16 Apr

In the last ten minutes alot has happened. things move by slowly and perceptions change depening on what I see, feel imagine and create.

In the last 10 minutes the lights have dimmed, the noises outside softened down to a dull whisper.
In the last 10 minutes I have changed perspectives, juxtaposed thoughts and principles against the grain.
In the last 10 minutes I have written and re-written concepts and tried to understand why thigns work out the way they do.
The shadows on the walls have grown a little longer.
I have travelled into a world of ‘what if’s’ and annother of ‘when it happens’. I have questioned notions of value, perceptions of evil and even reasons behind ‘the rules’ of what’s right and wrong.

In the last 10 minutes, you will have read this and then moved onto something else.
In the last 10 minutes not much has happened, but my thoughts have already altered and have now changed the way I will wake up tomorrow.


One Response to “10 minutes”

  1. ameliamcmanus April 28, 2008 at 11:39 am #

    My eleven minutes are much less poetic and insightful than your ten!
    You inspire me!

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