argot their definition …my adaptation

2 Apr

(like: ahre-goh)

Argot derived from French language. It’s primarily a secret slang used by various groups, including but not limited to thieves and other criminals, to prevent outsiders from understanding their conversations.

Victor Hugo was one of the first to research argot extensively. He describes it in his novel, Les Misérables, as the language of the dark; at one point, he says, “What is argot; properly speaking? Argot is the language of misery.”

But its also defined as “the deliberately hermetic language of a small knowledge clique… a super-specialized cult language that has no traction in the real world.

Interesting thoughts. So as I continue to blog, I guess I feel this is a secret method of communication. quite like getting your thoughts out there with no one to question or understand really what your talking about. …Except a small handful of people anyway. Which in itself is the basis of a secret following, not so unlike argot itself.

Hey I think I’m getting the hang of this.


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