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Inspiration is doing it’s thing

31 Mar

Inspiration is something of the moment. Why does it take inspiration from others to start motivation? Or is it a little deeper than that, does inspiration come from within?

When you have had enough of being average, invisible and mundane. A little spark is set alight. Its when your eyes open just that little bit wider, wide enough to see another prospect, another opportunity another door that is just around the corner.
It can be as simple as a song lyric, a photograph, another piece of design or a discussion with a coworker about the ‘what if’ situations… Dreaming and all that.

I have been putting off my inspiration and my dreams. Pushing back. How often do you find yourself saying “in 10 minutes…” or “next year…” or even “I don’t want to upset them”? Only too often I think. What if ‘next year’ was to turn into right now.
Clearly when things start to inspire, subconsciously they start to happen. Think. believe dream and become.

Things are already starting to progress, although I still feel a little blindfolded.

Turning pages

30 Mar

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